• Image of Vernon Sélavy - "Stressed Desserts Blues" LP

"Stressed Desserts Blues" is the name of the coming up debut album of Vernon Sélavy.

Vernon Sélavy
Weird cryptography / riddle / crossword solver, lost in the science of witty musical harmonies and ballad composition, soon become a perfect trio, submerged now in echo. The tape-echo and a classical guitar. Uncompromising gentlemen. Melodies for warm organs.

A 7″ EP out in 2011 on Shit Music For Shit People, now waiting for the debut album named "Stressed Desserts Blues".

This is Vernon Sélavy from Turin, an italian musician, Vincenzo Marando, that play some guitar / drums dusty rusty clumsy vocal expressionist-symphonies tropicalista and soul-pop for young ladies and gentlemen.
Inside "Stressed Desserts Blues" you can find many influences and interests as Lee Moses, Sam Cooke, puzzle magazines, delta blues and gospel, home made haircuts, early Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé, Leonard Cohen, old 45" singles, nonsenses, pancakes and The Rolling Stones.

VERNON SÉLAVY - "Stressed Desserts Blues" will be out on Shit Music For Shit People and Azbin Records in vinyl 12" and digital download in October 11th.

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