• Image of Strange Hands - "Dead Flowers" LP

Strange Hands - "Dead Flowers" LP

A side

First Poem
Bunny Slipper
She's Mine
I'll Give You My Drawings
Love Illusion

B Side

Anxious Pictures
Acid Vision
Dead Flowers
Trapper & Dodger
Warm Reflection

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artwork by Lucas Donaud

The psychedelic garage sound of Strange Hands was born in 2008 in Bordeaux, France.
Their first 7" "Dead Frozen Deer" was released by the famous Netherland garage record label A Fistful Of Records (Movie Star Junkies, Sex Beet, Black Time) in April 2010.
The band has been on two big tours in Europe (France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium...) during 2011/2012 and will tour Europe again in July 2012.
"Dead Flowers", Strange Hands debut album, will be out on May 11th with a co-production from the brand new french record label Azbin Records (Regal, Le Pécheur).
Then let the flower grow in your mind !

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